Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 47

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Every Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A employee and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both.

This week we’ll look at: YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Program, Facebook’s Claim to 140M Viewers, Social Media Data, 3 Ways Intent Data Helps Lower Customer Acquisition Costs & The Importance of Tying Your Google Analytics to Google Ads.

Digital Advertising


Bob McKay
President + Founder

YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Program Pitch see article here

With FameBit, marketers can retarget the viewers of branded videos across other Google properties such as in search and on Android.


Alex Andrews
Executive Director of Social Advertising

Facebook Claims That 140M People View ‘Watch’ Daily see the article here

As an advertiser, these numbers are extremely promising! These channels that are being watched have an income of $1000-$10K per month and although Facebook isn’t saying who is in which revenue bracket club, we are pretty sure that inspirational speaker Jay Shetty is doing well through this channel. Where there are eyeballs, there is opportunity!


Eric Ortiz 
Director of Sales + Acquisition

Which Social Media Are Your Customers Using? the article here.

This is why we read the whole articles, and not just the headlines. Glancing quickly at the title, it almost seems as if people are investing in something that is no longer growing (social media attention). Digging deeper into the data, you can clearly see that daily social media usage is dropping for CERTAIN social media. Others (ex. Instagram & YouTube) are very much still on the rise! As new platforms are available, it’s vital as marketers to not only know that your target market is on social media but more importantly, which social media platform they are on TODAY.


Christian Bayne
Director of Content Strategy + Market Research

3 Ways Intent Data Helps Lower Customer Acquisition Costs See the article here.

Intent data is arguable one of the most valuable data sets to gain insights to when it comes to understanding how you customer base perceives your marketing. Whether it is website journey tracking based on content consumption, emails interaction or lead generation strategy tracking and understanding this data is valuable. Acquiring a new customer is X5 more expensive than retaining one, so why not figure out what your customers are doing and then replicate that to potential customers with similar traits!


Matthew Giardino
Director of Performance Marketing & Analytics

How Many Google Analytics Accounts Actually Connect Google Ads? See the article here.

A shocking and rather alarming amount (24%) of heavy investors into digital advertising don’t make the simple but very pertinent move of tying their Google Analytics data back to their Google Ads account. These people are losing out on such important data by not understanding at a deeper level how the traffic from each keyword or campaign is engaging with their website. Beyond just basic engagement analysis, those advertisers are also missing out on high-level audience segmentation for remarketing purposes as well as not being able to tie back their analytics goals to their paid media campaigns.

We hope you enjoyed these snippets of information that we chose to share. Look out for the upcoming #ThursdayThoughts post. (Yes, it’ll be on Thursday). See our previous post here.