Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 84

Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 84

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Every Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Digital Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A employee and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both.

This week we’ll look at: Amazon Capturing More Ad Spend, Snapchat & Netflix See Increased Usage, Brand Purpose Shifting From You to Us, Designing Emails For Dark Mode and Why Contextual Targeting Is The Future of Digital.

Digital Advertising


Bob McKay
President + Founder

Retail Giants Like Amazon Capture More Ad Spending see article here

This is obviously a determination that online commerce’s importance has become primary. Amazon will be the winner in the short term. What is your brand changing to be the winner in the long term, and trusting Amazon should not be the strategy.


Alex Andrews
Executive Director of Social Advertising

Snapchat & Netflix See Increased Usage  see the article here

Snapchat holds a paradoxical position in the pandemic, as it is seeing a bigger spike than even Facebook in usage, yet a huge dip in revenue.  Because Snapchat is newer to advertisers, it is seen as “experimental” and is thus often among the first advertising lanes to be cut from businesses in this uncertain period.  However, for foward-thinking agencies, like ours, this might be an opportunity to test placements on Snapchat in a more friendly bidding market.


Ann Marie Bell
Chief Revenue Officer

Brand Purpose Shifts From ‘You’ To ‘Us’ the article here.

“The current pandemic has a D-Day for marketing: it’s not that it’s about a “disease,” but about a new era of “disruption” that will accelerate a shift.”


Christian Bayne
Director of Content Strategy + Market Research

Designing Emails For Dark Mode: What You Need To Know See the article here.

Yes, email marketing has gotten even more complicated, especially with the introduction of ‘Dark Mode’ on the new smartphone updates. Although the idea of Dark Mode is great and increased battery life is something we all want, it does present additional challenges for marketers in terms of design. See the article for tips on how dark mode can impact email.


Matthew Giardino
Director of Performance Marketing + Analytics

Why Contextual Targeting Is The Future Of Digital See the article here.

With cookies soon to go away, contextual targeting is making a resurgence. Once thought to be a dated strategy, ad tech companies are adjusting to the proposition that once cookies are no longer functional, we will need to rely on first part data combined with contextual imagery from webpages.

We hope you enjoyed these snippets of information that we chose to share. Look out for the upcoming #ThursdayThoughts post. (Yes, it’ll be on Thursday). See our previous post here.