USF’s Fast 56 Class of 2017

USF’s Fast 56 Class of 2017A special Thank You to Elevate Inc. for publishing this press release on their website! Click HERE to see original release!2017 USF Fast56 Nominee attributes success to College Professor Loyd Pettegrew

TAMPA, FL. – McKay Advertising + Activation has been selected as a member of the University of South Florida’s Fast 56 Class of 2017. This nomination hits very close to home for McKay since more than half of their management team, including President Robert McKay, are all USF alum and they have all had a relationship with Professor Loyd Pettegrew of the Communications Department.

  • Bob Mckay, President: May 1987: BA: Communication
  • Eric Ortiz, Director of Sales & Acquisition: May 2015 BA: Organizational Communication & minor in Psychology
  • Matthew Oldfield, Director of Software Development: August 2015, BS: Physics
  • Alex Andrews, Director of Content Development and Strategy: May 2016 BS: Psychology minor in Communications.

According to President Bob McKay, “Professor Pettegrew was a great teacher and career counselor, but most importantly introduced him to Eric Ortiz and also Alex Andrews.”

Eric attributes success outside of school to Professor Pettegrew and says that, “…he gave me a glimpse of what the real workplace was like outside of school, prepared me to be ready for it”.

According to Pettegrew, “A diversity of educational preparation and a commitment to achievement here at USF melds these gentlemen. We all recognize its unique assets, especially its graduates and its role in making the entire Tampa Bay area stronger and better place to live and work.”

Pettegrew also introduced the idea of a Digital Communication Audit to McKay, an approach that is now considered a main asset to the business when it comes to seeking new clients and spreading the word of digital marketing.


The Fast 56 identifies, recognizes and celebrates the world’s fastest growing USF Bull-owned or Bull-led businesses. The awards celebrate their success while also providing a forum to pass lessons to the next generation of Bull entrepreneurs.