Website and Digital Storefront

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Websites are likely the first stop where users build their perception of the brand. Your online presence is your digital storefront! Whether you are trying to increase ticket sales, collect customer information via forms, or educate your customer, you will need an online destination. As one of the few brand-owned platforms, websites are designed with a purpose. They’re built by teams that understand how to connect brands with their audiences, display their products or services, and give customers a great user experience (UX).

We build modern and functional websites that help brands achieve their business goals. We integrate multiple business parts using the latest eCommerce and CRM technologies and combine unique content so that they all work seamlessly together. 

In addition to our expert site-building capabilities, a unique differentiator is our ability to incorporate a client’s existing tech stack into the website. Whether it is an e-commerce product feed, CRM or inventory systems, or POS, we deliver designs with integrations, so the combination of technologies work together for optimal outcomes.

We are digital natives, so we know how important it is to have a site that reflects your purpose; that’s why we created a customized process to help brands focus on growing exponentially. We guarantee no more slow sites, broken links, or confusing processes. 

McKay Advertising + Activation has significant experience in website design, including Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Amazon, and eBay, to ensure you can track sales effectively. Are you looking to launch your brand or revamp an existing website? Contact us today!