We’re going to the Googleplex! But first…

We’re going to the Googleplex! But first…McKay Advertising + Activation received one of just 118 Google All­Star designations worldwide, and we’re headed to the Googleplex next month from August 30 – September 3. But first, we’re excited to say that MA+A’s local ‘Digital Breakfast’ series launches next Friday, August 6 at the Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

The AllStar designation comes at a time when the world is finally awake to marrying programmatic buying, Google AdWords, remarketing, and the careful analysis of big data to the evolving 21st century methods of advertising, ­­ an idea the agency has been working on for the last half­ decade.“MA+A has a very bright team that is responsible of delivering exceptional results to our clients,” says founder Bob McKay. “Google judges our experience and expertise with their platform and has granted us a very special partnership.”

Before heading to the Googleplex, MA+A is hosting a free Digital Breakfast where they’ll be joined by real life Googleite, Josh Weum, who’ll explain what’s new at the tech company before MA+A breaks off to share how they leverage the power of Google against their own methods of optimizing Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, Return on Investment, KPI and Return on Ad Spend. A Q&A + networking session will follow.

You are invited to fill the last of the 30 available seats for the August 6 event, which kicks off at 10 a.m. EDT at the Tampa Chamber of Commerce (201 N. Franklin St., Downtown Tampa).

RSVP by emailing bob@yjy.a6c.myftpupload.com or calling at (813) 498.0376.

Click here to learn more about MA+A. Or watch the video below to get a little idea about what we do here.