What Happened With The Grubhub Ad?

GrubHub Ad

Many people thought that 2021 had the potential to be slightly better than its predecessor. After all, this past year set the bar extremely low. But, sadly, as 2021 felt all of the pressure to be great, it crumbled and immediately gave birth to one of the earth’s most deplorable creations: The Grubhub  “Delivery Dance” Ad. In November 2020, tragedy struck. 1stAveMachine BA and 72andSunny unlocked the gates of hell and released something ghastly.

How it Began 

To begin, this is how Animation World Network described the piece. “The 3D/CG animated short visualizes the brand’s users boogieing while eating the takeout food they love – like sushi, chicken sandwiches, and milkshakes – all thanks to the “Grubhub Perks” program. Set against colorful backdrops, compositions include diamond-patterned disco lights, a perfect split, and more.”

Sounds like innocent fun right? No. Not fun. Many people hated the animation, the character design, as well as the music. Pretty much everything about it.  As the commercial started airing more and more people took to social media to berate it

The Backlash

This video has now amassed a staggering 490k dislikes compared to the 165k likes. Eventually, this got so bad that Grubhub knew that they had to redeem themselves in some way.

Their Solution

All this seems pretty bad for the Grubhub Ad. However, they decided to lean into the jokes and create a competition. Part of the reason that individuals hated this ad so much was the horrendous music choice. So they put out a remix challenge for fans to recreate and “improve” the ad.

Hopefully, this is still one of the worst things to happen to us by year’s end, or maybe the worst is yet to come. Grubhub was not at all expecting this type of attention. To express this they promptly made a meme describing their situation. To conclude, Some tend to feel bad for Grubhub, that they don’t deserve all of this negative attention. But they must be doing something right. They obviously haven’t taken the ad down in disgrace as some brands have in the past. Maybe being unaware of the attention was a flat-out lie. Maybe they planned this from the very beginning and are laughing as their conversion count and remixes continue to soar. Maybe next time when one of the Twitter trolls is starting to get hungry, they’ll think of Grubhub first. And that’s really the whole point, right