Working In Digital Advertising Told In GIFS

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Working in digital advertising has its ups and downs but when you see what your hard work created, it is all worth it.

Here are a few moments you might relate to if you are in digital advertising:

When you get to work and there’s no coffee

When you’ve gotten your cup of coffee, organized your desk, said hello to everyone in the office and finally get started on your work for the day

When you tell your clients they need to be shifting to digital marketing

When your client listens to your suggestion 

When you get a new client

When you try to give your client constructive criticism 

When the team gets together to come up with new ideas

When your deadline arrives

When the client decides they want to go in a different direction 

When you launch your campaign

When a social media site crashes

Monitoring your Google, email and social campaigns

When the campaign is over and you reached all your goals

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