Your Questions Answered (plus essentials for today’s Google Hangout in Orlando)

Your Questions Answered (plus essentials for today’s Google Hangout in Orlando)CALL FOR A LAST MINUTE SPOT


The day is finally here, and we’re glad you’re joining us at Orlando Brewing for today’s Google Hangout. We’ll be discussing digital spend among the world’s top brands and how it relates to calculating digital spend and digital GRP for your own brand or business. Google will then join us via Hangout to talk about their latest findings in consumer video usage.Orlando Brewing’s own John Cheek is happy to welcome you to his business, and we’ve answered a few of your survey questions below. We look forward to sharing pints and nerding out over all things advertising, marketing, and digital afterwards.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your interest.

Tools for launching new brands (latest trends) into our market?

• Adwords
 and/or Primer App
Sharpspring and Act On


New or improved ways reach my market and grow my business?

• Employ retargeting pixels on your sites to learn more data about site visitors and their behaviors.
• Look at your site to understand if it is a helpful representation and educational tool for your consumers.
• Use retargeting data to develop look alike modeling.

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We’re passing on this one.

How about calculating digital advertising spend from big brands and how they justify their budget.

• Digital GRP for campaign spend and calculation of where your consumers digest media to develop percentages of where to spend.

• “For marketers in 2014 (and 2015), it’s less about digital marketing than marketing in a digital world. Hence, marketers manage a much more balanced and integrated marketing mix than in previous years, which were characterized by online and offline silos. The resulting digital experience moves customers toward a more self-service buying model, allowing reductions in sales budgets that were designed around older, physical models.”