ZMOT – Zero Moment of “Technology”

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ZMOT – Zero Moment of “Technology”

In the past week I have been asked to assist a major e-commerce company to help them find an organization to update their current platform or rebuild. The ZMOT theory was validated through my actions.  I immediately spoke with some people that might have some insight. I emailed others and also sent out a message to my Linkedin contacts. Through that exerise I was able to uncover several companies to “vet”. We then spent a week researching through their sites and other avenues to validate their expertise. So far our search is going well and we should reach conclusion next week.

The reason I share this story is that I found it interesting that only one of these companies used retargeting digital display, mobile display and SEM. As we all continued to research through the web there was one company continuing to remarket and visually impact us. If during this process another question occurred we were one click away from their site to receive that answer. These were e-commerce companies and only one of them bothered to pixel their site and cost effectively rebrand and outreach to a group that was in the market for their product.

The power is with the consumer but the technology is with the brands. The brands, in this case, should have leveraged all the connection points  available. These are very important ways in which to communicate with a very open consumer. In some cases the consumer becomes worried about digital tracking but in this case it was a credibility builder. These are technology companies and the one company that was leveraging technology received our “notice”. ZMOT can be affected by overt mechanism besides your owned media. Paid media elements like digital technology, mobile technology, and SEM were respected in this process. As I write tonight the one company that used technology is probably going to win the project. ZMOT – Zero Moment of Technology! Peace